Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Universal Innovations Corporation (UIC) is much more than a solar company. Moreover, I can attest to UIC being founded on Christian principles.  I am a resident of the Summerfield community and I live on Sail Brooke Place. Around July 9, Brother Que knocked on my door and invited me to the July 20 Q & A Free Solar Dinner at the Summerfield Golf Club.  I told him I was dealing with health issues for both my husband and I. Brother Que asked if he could he pray for me and my husband. Then he told me he was a minister from the church of Christ and he want to know if he could help me in any way. I told him I wanted to paint a room in my home for the past year. He said he would paint it for free and he would start painting within a few days. The next day he brought me a beautiful encouraging card regarding our health and a Bible study. After I reviewed his solar company’s brochure, I thought the California Custom Solar Trees and the Solar Tracker would look good in my back yard. A week later, I had to have an important operation. Brother Que came to the doctor’s office before I got there simply to pray for me. Also, when I needed some furniture to be moved from my house, he sent a truck and some Brothers from the church to move my things for me free. When it comes to buying solar energy systems, I am buying from Universal Innovations Corporation. If you want to know more about solar or get closer to our loving master Jesus, I recommend you contact Brother Que!!

Mrs. Bobby, Riverview, Fl

I am a resident of Brandon and member of the Lord’s church. Brother Jack Whitehead is also a member of the Lord’s church and Chairman of the Board of Universal Innovations Corporation (UIC). I told him I was working with two leaders. One of them is Quicken Loans. Quicken Loans is the number one lender in the nation. Brother Whitehead said that the company’s MOB Guarantees that if they cannot match or beat a solar company’s price, they would give me a solar system up to 25KW free. UIC beat the deal Quicken Loans offered me to refinance my home and UIC will be able to save me over $6,000 from the cost the other solar company was going to charge me for their solar system (beating the other company by far). If you want the best deal and savings to refinance your home or the best price and service on a solar system, it would benefit you to call one of Universal Innovations Corporation 24/7 operators 800-UIC-3076 and please tell them that Vic, from Brandon, sent you.

Vic, Brandon, Fl

It was a miracle. My husband lost his job as a coach, and we could not pay our mortgage payment. Fortunately, a friend told me about the services Brother Que’s firm offered to homeowners that would pay their mortgage payments. However, before I could contact, Bank of America sold our home via a short sale because we could not make the mortgage payments. Nevertheless, I met with and explained what happened. He ordered my loan documentation to be audited. The loan documentation audit determined the loan was inundated with state and federal lending law violations. (Predatory lending). Bro Que called Bank of America and explained our loan was predatory and if Bank of America did not return full ownership of our home to us within 48 hours, he would authorize one of his attorneys to file a lawsuit on Bank of America. Within 48 hours, the bank returned and lowered our payments. If your mortgage payment is too high or you are facing foreclosure. Call 800-UIC-3076 now.

Mrs. Ruiz, Arizona

I was speaking to a dear friend of mine, Mrs. Mary James, regarding the trials and tribulations of my attempts in having my mortgage loan refinanced. She then informed me of the blessing she had received in meeting Brother Que. She explained of him being God fearing and genuinely wanted to help her with her trials. In fact, he had made progress where others had failed.

Upon her sharing her blessing by providing me with Brother Que’s phone number, I called him. His first response to me was “is it an emergency.” I told him it was not. He then advised me that he was in the middle of a meeting and that he would phone me back. His response allowed me to see that although he was busy, he would have taken the time to assist me with just a moment’s notice.

I had been working with my mortgage company for over a year and a half, to no avail. I rejected other companies that claimed that they were going to help me for a fee that ranged up to $3,500. However, in just that brief conversation with Brother Que, for the first time I had a ray of hope to shine upon me.

He was a man of his word. He phoned me later that evening and several times thereafter. On July 15, he said that it was time to call my mortgage company. Initially the mortgage representative would not submit to any of his request for any form of programs or assistance that the company could provide for me. It did not deter Brother Que at all.

Being the professional, he asked to speak to a supervisor. He then continued his tenacity in negotiating. The supervisor initially told him no, that they could not take any of my information on the phone. Brother Que’s factual detail of her own company’s policy made her concede that the information could be taken over the phone.

His negotiating skills escalated. He went over my financial responsibilities, my hardships, and even penetrated the hardcore exterior of a manager doing as her job entail, what was best for the company. He eventually had the supervisor relating to her mother and the hardships she was facing.

By the end of the conversation, Brother Que had negotiated the suspension of my mortgage for a minimal of four months. This will provide me the opportunity to restructure my finances and save my home.

Brother Que is a Bad Man. My appreciation of him working with me prior to any form of payment proves that not only that he is confident in himself, but he has a belief in the people that he helps. May God continue to bless you in His ever-loving care.

Mrs. Hobley, Ruskin, Fl

I had hired another company to handle my mortgage issues on both my primary residence and my investment property. However, they were only interested in short selling the properties instead of really being of assistance to keep my home.

The total payment on my primary residence was $5,900 per month. I was so impressed with your negotiation skills that you were able to reduce my payment to $2,900 per month – a savings of $3,000 per month! Plus, the fact that my second mortgage was completely written off to a balance of zero with the lender, was an added bonus. Especially given that Brother Que started the settlement negotiations to settle the balance of $311,000 for $1,000. He persuaded my lender to give me a clear title (mortgage forgiveness). For my other property, there were several violations that were discovered though the loan audit you authorized.

Thank you, Brother Que, for all you have done! You truly are a Godsend to me and my family! May you be able to continue helping other homeowners like myself.

Ofelia D., Corona, Ca

As a Latino homeowner, many of us feel we didn’t get the best deal on our home because during our purchase phase we: do not always speak and understand the English language, we are not savvy negotiators, and usually it is our first home. My neighbor is a pastor and he told us Brother Que’s company was helping him with the church loan and his primary residence. The Pastor knew that my lender took advantage of my lack of English when I purchased my home and he suggested I ask Brother Que if he could help me. Although my English is 85% better now, when I purchased my home, I spoke about 5% English and my loan documents were all in English. I explained this to Brother Que. Brother Que wanted to see my loan documents. In addition, he said if your loan documents are in English and there was not an interpreter at the closing, the loan is predatory and a violation of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Also, my roof was in need of much repair and the lender promised to fix the roof but never did. After reviewing the loan document, Brother Que called my lender and explained that the loan was predatory. The lender said the agent that helped me was deceased and he could help. Brother Que told the lender, regardless of if the agent is living or dead, he was responsible for the agent’s action and if he didn’t give me a new roof and a clear title within 48 hours, he would authorize one of his attorneys to file a lawsuit. Within 48 hours, the lender agreed. He said he talked with his lawyer and Brother Que was correct. Now I have a clear title, (mortgage forgiveness) and the lender told me to find someone to repair my roof as they would pay for it. If you have a problem with your current lender, call 800-UIC- 3076.

Hector, Ocala, Fl

I have a solar system and my light bill is now $10 per month. It was $160 before I got solar. Universal Innovations Corporation (UIC) explained everything to me about their solar energy company that others could not explain. If you want a $10 per month light bill, call 800-UIC- 3076.

Betty D., Sun City Center, Fl