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Homeowners are Victorious in Court

Mortgage lenders and mortgage servicing companies have paid out more than $100 billion for defrauding homeowners nationwide.

These lenders paid over $100 billion for defrauding homeowners. If you see your mortgage servicing company listed here, you could be entitle to immediate compensation.

We guarantee compensation within 60 days or we will give you your mortgage payment.

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The Courts are Holding Mortgage Servicers Accountable for Defrauding Homeowners

America’s Second Largest Bank, Bank of America, Pays $16 Billion For Mortgage Fraud and Homeowners Get $7 Billion

Major Mortgage Lenders Pay $195 Billion in Fines and Settlements in the Previous Two Decades for Wrongdoing

Compensation For Mortgage Fraud Victims Nationwide

Many hardworking homeowners with excellent credit and that are current with their mortgage payment have one thing in common with homeowners that are credit challenged and up to three years delinquent with their mortgage payment. Both of the aforementioned homeowners are often unaware that they are entitled to compensation because they are victims of mortgage fraud. We have stopped foreclosures’ sale dates within ten hours and assisted homeowners locally and across the country with stopping foreclosure proceedings. However, Universal lnnovations Corporation does not specialize in stopping foreclosures or sales dates.

We specialize in determining if a homeowner is a victim of mortgage fraud and entitled to immediate compensation. We are a nationwide team of Christian loan auditors and homeowner advocates. We are not a law firm. However, we work with the nation’s most distinguished mortgage litigators. The law firms we work with cannot guarantee you that you will be victorious in court by simply filing a lawsuit on your mortgage servicer or lender. What we can guarantee you, your family and friends and neighbors is: If we complete a preliminary loan audit or complete an extensive loan audit, or if one of our attorneys determines your loan document has lending law federal violations, UIC can procure you compensation within sixty days.

I would be remiss if I did not thoroughly explain to you the four types of compensation that may be available: 1-A Significant reduction in mortgage payment, 2-Reducing the principal balance of your loan, 3- A sizable monetary compensation and 4- In very rare cases, mortgage forgiveness (which we have accomplished.)

Fraud and Settlements: If you want to know the wrongdoing of a particular servicer or lender and how much they paid homeowners, please click on the image of the mortgage servicer or lender to the right or left of this page. If you cannot find your mortgage servicer or lender to the right or left of this page, or in the links below, call our Mortgage Division and they will email you a copy of their fraud and settlement.

Please review our Mortgage Fraud Victims page and our Mortgage Division page. If you believe you are a victim of mortgage fraud or other violation, please call one of our live, friendly, bilingual, 24/7 operators at our toll free number, 800-UIC-3076.

Foreclosure Prevention Alternatives For Homeowners

Foreclosures are at a historical high due to the pandemic. The first thing you have to know is your mortgage servicer is not the boogie man or the big bad wolf. The second most important thing you need to know is the following: 1. If you are a victim of mortgage fraud, 2. If you are entitled to a loan modification and 3. Did your mortgage servicer follow the proper legal procedures to file a mortgage foreclosure?

Homeowners who are losing their property or who have already lost their home to a bank foreclosure may be able to receive compensation, or negotiate a deficiency judgment waiver, as a result of mortgage lenders’ faulty court documents. The Attorney General’s settlement with the country’s largest banks including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, US Bank NA, Citibank and GMAC has exposed the banks’ fraudulent practices during the foreclosure process. Additionally, because of these faulty affidavits and other defects, our team is, in certain limited circumstances, asking the courts to set aside wrongful foreclosure judgments and, in some rare cases, the bank’s ownership after the foreclosure sale has occurred.

We can refer you to attorneys that handle wrongful and fraudulent foreclosure cases brought by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup (CitiMortgage or CitiFinancial), US Bank National Association, Deutsche Bank, One West Bank (Indymac Bank), Ocwen, PHH Mortgage, LaSalle Bank, Bank United, Sun Trust, HSBC Bank, First Franklin, as well as other mortgage servicers and mortgage lenders.

To understand why this is happening is to know that an essential element of a foreclosure case is the filing of an affidavit, among other documents, by the bank, in which an individual swears that they have personal knowledge of a file, including how much the homeowner owes the bank. What has happened to cause the banks to enter into a landmark settlement is that the affidavits they have filed contained information that was not verified by the individual swearing that the information was true and accurate. The banks have admitted to filing affidavits signed by people who knew very little about the information in the affidavit. Because the courts relied on this information to grant ownership to the banks, homeowners may have a legal claim that the banks have unlawfully taken their property, entitling the homeowner to receive compensation from the settlement fund or even setting aside the foreclosure judgment and/or sale. Time is short! Know your rights and let us assist you today.

Failed Loan Modification and Lawsuit Against Banks

Another pattern that seems to be emerging across the country involves some Florida banks, like Wells Fargo, who enter into loan modification agreements in which the borrower/homeowner agrees to pay a lower mortgage payment for a set time period and, if the borrower makes all of those temporary payments, then the bank agrees to modify the mortgage loan permanently instead of foreclosing on the property.

However, what seems to be happening is that the banks are taking the money in the trial period and then refusing to do the promised permanent mortgage modification. Instead, they are choosing to move forward with the foreclosure. It’s like the modification agreement never existed (except the bank received more mortgage payments during those months of the trial period) or the banks just didn’t want to grant a modification. This behavior by the banks and loan services is troubling because it violates their own loan servicing guidelines set forth under the government’s Making Home Affordable program. One loan modification lawsuit has already been filed by a borrower for the bank’s failure to follow the government guidelines, which was decided in the borrower’s favor. (Wigod v.Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 673 F. 3d 547 (7th Cir. 2012). The bank lost and now Lisa Wigod is pursuing her claims against the mortgage lender for breach of contract and other causes of action under state law. If you are dealing with foreclosure proceedings and/or a scheduled sale date, call one of our live, friendly, bilingual operators at 800-UIC-3076.

Across The Country Homeowners Are Awarded Mortgage Forgiveness

Boston Massachusetts Latino school teacher awarded home free and clear
Senior homeowner in south Florida awarded free and clear title for 25 years
California homeowner received free and clear title on her second mortgage
Latino Christian homeowner in Ocala, FL awarded his home free and clear
Arizona homeowner got her home back after it was sold to another buyer

Fraud Victim

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Review California Homeowner Bill of Rights and Common Mortgage Servicer Modifications Violations

State of California’s Homeowner’s Bill of RightsMortgage Servicer Loan Modification Violations

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