Regardless of your race, religious background, age,credit profile or neighborhood we believe you and your family is entitled to:
❶ Affordable Mortgage payment and terms, ❷ Affordable homeowners Insurance and ❸ Significant reduction or permanent reduction in you monthly electricity bills.
UIC  guarantees to save your household at least $300 per month on bills associated with home ownership or we will pay your next mortgage payment.

If you need assistance with:

  • Reducing your monthly electric bill 50%, 75%, or 100%,
  • Reducing your mortgage payments significantly,
  • Finding more affordable homeowners or business insurance, or
  • Pre-foreclosure solutions

We guarantee monthly savings.


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For your convenience, our energy auditors and loan auditors are available 24/7. We will visit your home or office at the most convenient time for you, except during Sunday AM and PM church services and Wednesday midweek Bible Study hour.

If you have a need in any area of our expertise, simply call one of our 24/7 live bilingual operators at 800-UIC-3076 (800-842-3076) and schedule an appointment and schedule an appointment with one of our certified mortgage loan auditors or one of our certified solar energy auditors.

Our clients have access to 1,200 offices in the U.S. and offices in China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador. We are in your neighborhood.

“Even the right decision can become the wrong decision if that decision is made too late!”.