Our Mortgage Division is a dedicated team of diverse Christian loan auditors and Homeowners advocates.
Our Solar Energy Division is dedicated to totally eliminating homeowner’s monthly electricity bill nationwide.

Being a company recognized as the first and only company to offer a beneficial service or product to homeowners is a great achievement. UIC offers the following:

• Corporation built on Christian principles.

• Complimentary mortgage fraud analysis.

• Complimentary three way call to lender.

• Complimentary attorney case evaluation.

• Complimentary preliminary loan analysis.

• Certified energy auditor’s 24-7 visitation.  

• Six month free electric/solar bill payment.

• Eight Financing options to purchase solar.

• Free life time solar energy panel cleaning. 

• Custom designed solar panels and trees.   

If it is determined you are a victim of mortgage fraud, we guarantee compensation in 60 days.

4 Different Reasons Homeowners Across The Country Solicit Our Assistance


After you talk with one of our agents at your door, you will receive a free phone call from our Mortgage Division to determine if you are a victim of mortgage fraud. Thereafter, you are guaranteed Compensation in 60 days.

Mortgage Division

Research has shown that 85% of homeowners are not completely satisfied with their mortgage payment. We have direct and private lenders who can significantly  reduce mortgage payments.
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Predatory lending 

Broadly defined, predatory lending is the fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair tactics of people including mortgage company’s staff to dupe one into a loan modification that is without question not affordable.
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Utilities Division

Electricity rates for residential and commercial customers have risen around 15% over the past 15 years. We guarantee to greatly reduce or eliminate your annual and monthly electricity bills.
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4 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Monthly Electric Bill Significantly or Permanently



  • “Unprecedented customer service is an investment in UIC’s company’s future and the means to justify soliciting referrals” – Brother Que
  • “After-sales service is more important than assistance before sales. It is through such sales one gets permanent customers” – Ronosuke
  • “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who truly pays the wages” – Henry Ford
  • “The objective of any corporation today or in times past is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary” – Sam Walton
  • “I’ve learned people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya
  • In 1909 this popular phrase “The customer is not always right, but he always has the right to be treated right” was coined by Henry Selfridge

Our Mortgage Platinum Mark V Guarantee States:

If you are a victim of mortgage fraud or lending law violations, we guarantee to procure you compensation from your mortgage lender within 45-60 days. We can stop a foreclosure within 24 hours. If we cannot remove you from foreclosure status or stop a foreclosure sale date, we will pay one month mortgage payment. Under state law, companies are prohibited from collecting up-front fees (solely) assisting homeowners with loan modifications. Modification fees are to be collected when the loan modification process is completed. Please be advised: If you have an auction/sale date and we stop the sale, this is an additional expense. In addition, if we procure you compensation from your lender, this is an additional expense. Finally, you will be charged for a complete loan audit. The Corona virus has affected homeowners nationwide in one way or another. Therefore, mindful that many homeowners are struggling financially, we offer payment plans for Christians, seniors, and military families. Income determines our monthly payment plan.